FMW Solutions is a railroad contractor and consulting firm offering mechanical and engineering design, diesel locomotive servicing and repair, rail operations, strategic planning support, marketing, public relations, safety compliance administration, and training, as well as alternative fuel technology and research. FMW is also an accomplished rail preservation resource, with expertise in the restoration and operation of historic equipment and steam locomotives.


Diesel Locomotive Service and Repair

We specialize in GE and EMD diesel-electric locomotive inspection, overhaul, repair, and operation with hands-on experience spanning various locomotive models. We have also been involved in developing the next generation of natural gas, hydrogen fuel cell, and battery locomotives. From diagnostic and repair services to on/off lease locomotive inspections to cutting edge locomotive design, find out how we can meet your needs.

Strategic Planning for Freight and Passenger Rail

FMW provides strategic planning services for the rail industry, with expertise in fleet planning, expansion strategies, customer development, engineering, feasibility studies, consulting for passenger and commuter rail, short line and industrial rail development, and much more.

Historic Railroad Equipment and Steam Locomotive Repair and Rebuild

FMW provides expert inspection, repair, overhaul, and support services for historic railroad equipment, steam locomotives, passenger cars and and rolling stock, offering our clients more than 250 years of combined experience in this specialized field. From locomotive appliance repair to total restoration, we stand ready to assist you with your restoration-related needs.

Machinery Repair and Engineering for the Railroad Industry

Railroad shops rely upon highly specialized pieces of equipment to keep their repair facilities operating at peak efficiency. We provide prompt, capable specialty machinery repair. Find out how our skillsets, machine shop, and capabilities can be put to use for you



Freight or passenger, vintage or modern. Our expertise encompasses all facets of railroad equipment operations, inspection, maintenance, and repair. Our consultants have worked on hundreds of mainline and short line diesel-electric locomotive, overhauled multiple steam locomotives, and have been involved in the design of some unique railcar and locomotive designs.



Through transparency, communication, and dedication to craft, we provide our clients with peace of mind that work will be done as described and up to standard. The rail industry, in particular, is unusually abusive to equipment, where duty cycles, grit, and tonnage often dictate the availability of a given asset. We always keep this at the fore when approaching a project - embodying the mantra of "expect the unexpected."

Ultimately, however, our greatest strength lies in our ability to communicate clearly the details and nuances of railway mechanics in a manner that our clients understand and, in the end, enables them to make key decisions regarding equipment repair and refurbishment. Whether you seek to hire FMW to handle a project soup-to-nuts, or you'd like us to diagnose a problem and coach your crews to repair the equipment, we are ready to provide you peace of mind.



Our experts are ready to provide you with all manner of specialty rail mechanical services. Whether you are looking to diagnose an issue with a Tier IV diesel-electric locomotive, have a steam locomotive overhauled or repaired, or introduce cutting-edge alternative fuel technology to your railroad, we are excited to provide expert solutions to your needs.